Your Lead Generation Strategy Matters

When your leads are better and strategy is expertly guided, your marketing specialists, call centers and sales staff perform better, have better office morale, and spend less time reaching out to bad leads. With LeadSales at your disposal, you save time, money, and headache, all while growing sales.

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How it works

Tell us what you need

A quick phone call or chat between email with you and our success specialists ensures that we understand what you need from us to achieve your business goals.

We collect and verify your leads, connecting all the dots.

Our database is updated from various sources, cleaned in a multi-step process, and verified for 100% accuracy. If you use us for your sales & marketing as well, this is when we create your custom strategy and setup all of your campaigns.

Launch your campaign

We can deliver directly to your marketing manager, call center, or email specialists so that they can integrate leads with their existing campaigns. If we are handling the sales & marketing for you, this is when we do final approvals and launch your campaign.

Need more?

Ask about our SaaS (Sales as a Service) offerings and we'll get you the leads you need and give you a world-class sales team to close on new business for your organization. We can be your entire demand generation department or supplement existing teams and sales efforts. Below are just some of the service offerings from LeadSales.

Cold Calling
Cold Email Marketing
SMS / Text Marketing
Drip Campaigns and Customer Nurturing
Customer Service

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